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Welcome to Diversivore!

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Hi there!

Thanks for checking out Diversivore. It’s probably new to you, but I’ve been working on this site in some form or another for almost a year, and I’m incredibly excited to begin sharing it with you.

If you haven’t already done so, make sure to check out the about page at some point to find out more of what Diversivore is all about. But to keep things simple, I’ll sum it up here: ingredient-based culinary guides, pantry-based culinary guides, and of course recipes. As the site grows, I hope to find new and exciting ways to work with my readers and to expand even further to work with the community and educators. But for now, keep reading to find out what features you’ll find here already, and what makes them special.

The Recipes

I’ve already posted 15 recipes to get the ball rolling (and to help me design and optimize the site), and you can expect new recipes to show up regularly. I’m still sorting out the details of my update schedule, but for now you can expect new content at least twice a week (and probably more to start out 2016).

The recipes are printable, shareable, ratings-friendly, mobile-friendly, and comment-friendly. They all contain nutritional information and summaries, as well as categorical tags (e.g. vegetarian, reduced-meat, gluten-free, 30-minute meals, etc.). Because Diversivore is dedicated to helping people cook a high-quality meals that reflect the diversity of nature as well as the diversity of cultures, there are also links to relevant ingredient pages, pantry pages, and related recipes. Most importantly, every recipe I post on the site has been personally tested. I’m sharing the food I love and, hopefully, giving you all the information you need to make it yourself.

Ingredient Pages

Have you ever walked through the produce section, seen some unfamiliar fruit or vegetable, and thought to yourself, “What do you do with that?” Or maybe you bought an ingredient to use for a recipe, only to find that it doesn’t taste the way it should, or that you’ve ended up with way more than you could possibly use? Well, I’ve got your back. Ingredient Pages are all-in-one educational guides designed to help you learn how to choose, prep, use, and store a basic culinary ingredient (fruit, vegetable, spice, herb, etc.). Diversivore has a strong focus on scratch-cooking, and ingredient pages are designed to help you get the most out of your food. There’s a lot of information on each page, but you’ll find four basic sections: Info at a Glance, Basics and How-to, Culinary Info, and More. If you want to see a walkthrough, check out this sample page. The pages also feature links to recipes that use the ingredients, so you can try out a handful of dishes and avoid that dreaded “what do I do with the rest of this thing?” moment. Everything is mobile-friendly too, so you can always look up what to do while you wander through the grocery store.

But what about ingredients that aren’t simple produce or protein? What about sauces, spice blends, and the other ingredients that make-or-break your dishes? Keep reading to find out!

The Pantry

Pantry Pages are a lot like ingredient pages, in that they’re designed to help you learn how to select, use, and store an ingredient. The key difference is that they focus on products for the pantry that have already been processed in some way. Don’t let the word ‘processed’ throw you though; you won’t find frozen meals or junk food, but rather foods that have been dried, mixed, fermented, aged, and so on. Think passata, za’atar, miso, gorgonzola, mirin, gochujang, etc. Like the ingredient pages, you’ll find the basic information you need to choose, use, store and prepare. You’ll also find information about substitutions, varieties, and in some cases even recipes to make your own. And of course, you’ll find recipes.


The education section is sitting empty right now, but there are some big plans for this section. The ingredient and pantry pages are obviously designed to be educational, but I intend to take the site well beyond that in the future. This section will include culinary guides (expect several guides on home-preserving in the near future) and educational resources for a wide variety of classroom settings.

Have a suggestion for something you’d like to see in the future? Feel free to leave a comment below, or to get in touch by email (info[at]diversivore.com). You can also follow Diversivore on the usual suite of social media sites — just follow a link below.

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