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  • Ancho chilies - dried poblano peppers -
    Ancho Chilies
    Ancho Chilies - Dried poblano peppers that are deeply wrinkled, nearly black, and highly flavourful. Ancho chilies feature prominently in many Mexican and Tex-Mex dishes.
  • Arbol chilies - bright red, dried Mexican hot peppers -
    Arbol Chilies
    Arbol Chilies - Dried, long fiery red chilies with a sharp, acidic flavour and a strong spicy kick. Arbol chilies are perhaps the most famous of the Mexican...
  • Cascabel Chilies, or rattle chilies - dried, round, moderately hot chili peppers -
    Cascabel Chilies
    Cascabel Chilies - Dried, round red chilies with a fruity flavour and a moderate heat. Cascabel means 'rattle' - reference to the round shape and the fact that...
  • Chinese chilies, aka Tianjin chilies, aka chiles japones -
    Chinese Chilies
    Chinese Chilies - A.k.a. Tianjin/Tien Tsin chilies or chiles japones, are dried, short, fiery red chilies with a sharp, acidic flavour and a strong spicy kick. These small...
  • Chipotle peppers - dried and smoked jalapeños -
    Chipotle Peppers
    Chipotle peppers - Dried, smoked, ripe jalapeño peppers are a staple in Mexican and Latin American cooking. They have a mild fruity flavour, but they are distinctive and popular...
  • Douchi (Chinese fermented black soybeans) in a white bowl -
    Douchi (Fermented Black Soybeans)
    Douchi are salted and fermented black soy beans, commonly called black beans. Their pungent, powerful flavour is common in many East Asian cuisines.
  • Guajillo Chilies - dried, moderately hot, fruity chilies -
    Guajillo Chilies
    Guajillo Chilies - Dried, long, thin red chilies with a fruity flavour and a moderate heat. Guajillos are easy to use and highly versatile, making beautiful vibrant red...
  • Karashi mustard - Japanese hot mustard made from the seeds of Brassica juncea -
    Karashi Mustard
    Karashi mustard is a spicy and slightly bitter condiment made from the seeds of brown mustard. It is generally used as a condiment in the Japanese kitchen, though...
  • Katsuobushi - Japanese dried bonito, shaved into fine slices and used as a flavouring or stock base -
    Katsuobushi is dried, smoked skipjack tuna. It is both a condiment and a fundamental ingredient in the Japanese kitchen.
  • Hidaka and Naga Kombu
    Kombu - dried kelp, essential for Japanese dashi stock.
  • Japanese mirin, or sweetened rice wine - for
    Japanese sweet rice wine. An essential ingredient in the Japanese pantry.
  • Aka (red) and shiro (white) miso in a bowl -
    Miso - a traditional fermented soybean-based paste used in Japanese cuisine, made, named, and used in a staggering variety of ways.
  • Mulato chilies - dried ripe poblano peppers -
    Mulato Chilies
    Mulato Chilies - Dried ripe poblano peppers that are deeply wrinkled, dark brownish-black, and highly flavourful. Fairly similar to their cousin the ancho chili, mulatos are spicier and...
  • Pasilla chili - a dried chilaca pepper, and part of the Mexican chili 'Holy Trinity' -
    Pasilla Chilies
    Pasilla Chilies - Dried chilaca peppers with wrinkled, nearly black skin and relatively thin, tapered shape. Pasilla chilies feature prominently in many Mexican mole sauces. Along with...
  • Puya chilies - dried, hot red chilies with a fruity flavour and a sharp taste -
    Puya Chilies
    Puya Chilies - Dried, long, thin red chilies with a strong, fruity flavour and a moderate-high heat. Puyas are a delicious and versatile chili that delivers enough kick...
  • Japanese Rice Vinegar (Komezu)
    Rice Vinegar
    Rice Vinegar is a mild, flavourful vinegar found in East Asian cooking.
  • Seville (Bitter) Orange - large header
    Seville Orange
    Seville (Bitter) Orange - Citrus × aurantium - Intensely orange flavoured citrus that is definitely not the same as a sweet orange. Click to learn more.
  • Shichimi Togarashi
    Japanese seven-spice powder. A blend of chilies, sesame seeds, seaweed, citrus and more, an easy and powerful way to add character to rice and noodles.
  • Tamari - Japanese soy sauce, extracted from the miso-making process -
    Tamari is a very specific type of soy sauce and by-product of miso-making. This dark, well-balanced, flavourful sauce is still largely made using traditional methods, and is often...