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We all love lemons and oranges. But what about kumquats, yuzu, and mandelos? There’s a whole lot to citrus beyond the juice, and a lot of recipes that will make you look at this wonderful winter produce in a new light.

This ever-growing collection showcases the recipes on Diversivore that feature citrus (common or uncommon), plus Ingredient Pages to help you become more familiar with less familiar fruits.

Guide to Mexican Chilies

There’s a whole world of flavours when it comes to the dried chili peppers of Mexico. Wading into that diversity can seem a little daunting, which is why I’ve written this handy-dandy guide to the most common and important chilies in Mexican cuisine.

Broken down categorically, this guide gives you a primer, and each variety is linked to it’s own Pantry Page designed to teach you how to find, choose, and use the chili in question.

The guide currently covers the ‘Holy Trinity’ peppers (Ancho, Mulato & Pasilla), multi-purpose red chilies (Cascabel, Guajillo, & Puya), smoked peppers (Meco and Morita Chipotles), and hotter, spice-heavy peppers (Arbol and Chile Japones).

The Japanese Pantry

Curious about Japanese cooking? Familiarity with the key Japanese pantry staples will help you become confident and skilled in no time. Diversivore has the guides to these staples that you’re looking for, plus delicious and detailed recipes to get you started cooking with them.

Here you’ll find links to in-depth guides like the ones for miso and katsuobushi, along with an ever-growing list of delicious recipes that will get you cooking Japanese foods with confidence.

Sustainable Seafood Recipes & Resources

This ever-growing collection is dedicated to the amazing bounty of food provided by the oceans, and (more importantly), how we can shop, cook, and eat sustainably in order to preserve that bounty for future generations.

The collection also features links to regulatory agencies and educational organizations dedicated to helping you make sense of the often-confusing world of fisheries, aquaculture, and environmental sustainability.

For more recipe ideas, plus a look at some of the factors that go into choosing to eat specific (and popular) seafood varieties, you can also check out this roundup of sustainable seafood recipes from around the web.

This section is just being built, so forgive the mess! In the mean time, check out the Ingredient Pages, Pantry Pages, and Recipes!