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Diversivore is a food blog.

Ok, that’s not really the whole story, but it’s a start.  Diversivore is a food blog that endeavours to provide detailed, scientifically-rooted information about a wide variety of the foods that we eat — and the foods that we might want to eat.  Its aim is to educate readers about what they can eat, how they can eat it, and how best to both explore and enjoy the world of food.

The name “Diversivore” is taken from a relatively obscure biology term that basically means omnivore.  But the word was chosen to highlight the notion of the word “diverse.”  Modern food has grown less diverse on both local and global scales, and many foods that are worth eating are being ignored or forgotten in favour of homogenized and nutritionally questionable processed foods.  This has led us into a downward spiral of negative consequences, ranging from the biological to the social and economic.  Diversivore is my attempt to aim things in the other direction — to bring the world back to good food.

Because Diversivore was built on a passion for good food, you’ll find a lot of what I do is a celebration of the things we find delicious and fascinating.  But in order to address that idea of ‘good food,’ Diversivore also delves deeply into science, wading through some murky waters in the process.  The world of food writing is sadly rife with pseudo-science and dubious health claims, making it increasingly difficult to understand what it is we’re eating and what it means for ourselves and our planet.  You won’t find sketchy claims about super-foods or detox cleanses here.  Likewise, you won’t find any attempts to dismiss important issues with science-y sound-bites. What you will find is an ongoing attempt to examine and demystify the world of food through passionate engagement. And really tasty recipes.

It was a passion for food and science education that gave rise to Diversivore, but this also developed into an interest in social issues.  As many other food lovers have found, the deeper that we look into what we eat, the more we become tangled up in the intersection of science, economics, politics, and social issues.  As such, Diversivore is also a place to explore the place of food in the world, and the impacts (both good and bad) that we can have as eaters.


Sean Bromilow - founder of Diversivore

Hi. I’m Sean Bromilow.

I decided to start Diversivore to share my passions for science and for wonderful, weird food.  If I see a strange bit of produce on the shelf, I won’t rest until I find out what I can do with it. In fact, it was my love of these odd foods that led to the idea for Diversivore – time after time, someone would tap me on the shoulder, point at a black radish or an Armenian cucumber, and say “What do you DO with that?” A seed was planted, and this site was born.

I have a background in biology (BSc., MSc.) and education (BEd.).  I love to cook, love to eat, and can’t stop experimenting with food.

I love to cook for my incredible and supportive wife, and for our three young boys. We live in Richmond (right next to Vancouver), British Columbia, Canada.


All of the recipes on Diversivore are developed by Sean unless otherwise noted.  Recipes originating elsewhere, or inspired by or based on the work of others are indicated, with links given to the original source.  Food writing can be a wonderfully collaborative effort, and there are lots of great people out there writing about food, and every effort is given to give credit where credit is due, and to highlight the work being done by the people that inspire us.

If you would like to feature a recipe from Diversivore on your own website, please rewrite the recipe in your own words and link back to the original recipe on your own site.  If you are interested in reproducing a recipe from Diversivore in another publication (digital or print), please contact us to obtain the necessary privileges.


The photography and Diversivore logos were all taken by or made by Sean Bromilow (unless otherwise indicated) and are copyrighted.  Visual media may not be reproduced without express written consent from Diversivore.  Images intended for social media use may appear on websites other than this one, and have been watermarked to call attention to their source and ownership.  Please do not attempt to remove watermarks or attribution.


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