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Citrus japonica

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The Basics

  • What Is It?

    The sweet/sour fruit of a specific citrus species (family Rutaceae) native to south Asia and the Asian Pacific. Unlike most other citrus, kumquats are consumed whole.

  • Seasonality


  • Flavour Profile

    Sweet/sour, highly fragrant, orange-like

  • Other Names

    Fortunella japonica, cumquat, kinkan (Japanese), jīn jú (Mandarin)


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  • Find

    Conventional and Asian grocery stores, fruit markets, and directly from growers

  • Choose

    Bright orange (generally – see more detail below), fragrant, relatively firm, small fruits (about the size of a large green olive) with a fragrant peel. Fruits may be round or oval.

  • Prep

    Difficulty: Low to Moderate – Often eaten raw and out-of-hand. Seeding the fruits can be very time-consuming, though not inherently difficult.

  • Use

    The whole fruit is frequently eaten raw, though it is also wonderful cooked, candied, or used in desserts and baked goods. Much of the flavour comes from the rind – the flesh itself often has little or no juice.

  • Store

    Ripen: Room Temperature
    Short Term: Refrigerate

Culinary Info

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  • Flavour Profile

    Sweet/Sour; Orange-like and aromatic with a sweet rind and relatively sour flesh.

  • Substitutions

    Calamondins/calamansis make a good substitute, though the rind tends to be thicker. A mixture of orange, lemon, and lime juice can sometimes work (see “Need More Detail?” below).

  • Cuisines

    Important as a table-fruit in Asia, and in Asian and European preserves (e.g. marmalade) and desserts.

  • Flavour Pairings

    Savory: Rich, fatty meats (e.g. duck), slightly bitter vegetables (especially greens)
    Sweet: Chocolate, coffee, nuts, alcohol (whisky and brandy), vanilla

  • Varieties

    Round (Marumi), Meiwa, Oval (Nagami), Jiangsu (Fukushu), Nordmann & other seedless varieties (all fairly interchangeable in terms of flavour). See “Need More Detail” for kumquat hybrids.

More Info

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  • Nutrition

    Extremely high in Vitamin C.
    For a full nutritional profile, click Need More Detail? below

  • Top-To-Tail

    The fruit is entirely edible or usable, including the skin (zest and pith), flesh/juice, and seeds.

  • GMO Status


  • Health & Science

    As with grapefruit (and many other citrus), kumquats may interact with certain classes of drugs.

  • Organic vs. Conventional

    Both organic and conventionally grown kumquats are sold, though availability may be limited.


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